A Dance From Across The Pond


This week we’ve got another 1st place winning piece to show you – Vicci and Adamo’s from last year’s Sweet Molasses!  It’s really fun to watch them play with the music, but it’s also really interesting to read about how they approached what they knew to be a popular song, and also how they dealt with performing their routine to a new audience that they were unfamiliar with.

What did you want to express with this choreography?

I guess you could say the theme of the choreography is that typical ‘boy meets girl’ thing, and then the ups and downs of that relationship. But our main aim was the express the music – the passion, the playfulness, the different rhythms, the different sounds created by different instruments, and the different sections in the music.

Why did you choose the song for the piece?

The song chose us!! We had decided we wanted to perform something at an upcoming festival, but didn’t really know what. Then we heard this song, and just had to use it. It was calling out to be choreographed too!

What other dances influenced or inspired this one?

We didn’t actively look to other dances for inspiration during the choreographic process. The routine developed very naturally from us just dancing to the music, keeping the bits we liked and reworking the bits we didn’t! We didn’t watch any of the other dances that had been choreographed to the same song as we didn’t want to be influenced by them, we wanted to interpret the music in our own way before seeing how others had interpreted it.

Lots of people have asked us if it was inspired by tango… we have never done tango! But we were inspired by the sound and the feel of the music and just let the movement style and vocabulary come from that.

How did you go about combining your concept, song choice, and influences to create the finished choreography?

When we first created this routine we were a fairly new teaching couple, so it was designed to introduce us as a partnership to our local scene. It was choreographed very quickly to be performed at Blues Baby Blues, in London. It was initially quite humorous as it was performed in front of lots of friends who knew us well, and we wanted to make it light hearted and fun. As we performed it more to different audiences we realised that some of the humour was lost to people who didn’t know us personally, so we gradually made little changes. We cut the music, thought more about our ‘characters’, got feedback, refined the choreography, got more feedback, and gradually it became what it is today. But we would still make changes and develop it if we performed it again I’m sure!