Masculine versus Sharp: Say What You Mean

Here’s a great article by Joey Science on understanding how the words we use map to motions in dance, particularly from a gendered standpoint.  The thoughts they put down here would definitely be useful for choreographers who want to have precision in what they communicate with their pieces!!Masculine-versus-Sharp-Say-What-You-Mean/ryj0f/56c15ad40cf263687f7824f2


Damon on Appreciation vs. Appropriation

Since I was just writing about cultural appropriation in the theater and dance worlds, I want to show you all this article that Damon Stone just wrote  about what the meanings of cultural appropriation and appreciation are, and how they play out in our blues dancing community:

I agree 100% with his view that, as white people in America, we need to be respectful of the African American experience that created the blues, but if we are we can take part in its living tradition.