The range of expression possible through blues dance is one of the major qualities that keeps us going out, dance after dance, exchange after exchange. Whether you’re feeling sad or joyful, dancing by yourself or with a partner, in a grand ballroom or your own kitchen, you can have the blues.

Socially, this means we can have a wide range of improvised dance conversations with the people we meet. But to learn how to dance fluently in the moment, one of our most powerful tools is studying choreographed performances – where dancers have spent time getting the message and feel just right.

Since we at Sweet Molasses see blues dance performances as an important part of our community, we want to give you some good examples of what we’re talking about. So we’re going to put some of our favorite blues dance pieces on display here, along with comments from the choreographers about how they made them. We might broaden this focus to include musicians or essays about the blues.  Who knows?  Stick around and find out!

If you like all this, you might want to consider coming to our event in Boston!

Updates and an event will be posted to our Facebook page.

Register and get detailed information at our website.


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