Keep Watching Sweet Molasses!

Devona and I redesigned Sweet Molasses in 2013 to orient it around elevating choreography in our dance community, and I’m gald that Paul and Sarah have kept that up since 2016!  No other Blues event focuses on performance in the same way, and it’s good for an event to have a well defined niche, but beyond that choreography is important to us.  Artistically it gives us a chance to be intentional about what we say and push the boundaries of our movement, and in terms of community it gives those of us who are less competitive a way to be in the spotlight.

There have been so many fantastic performances and amazing new artists over the last few years I can’t give them all their own post, but I invite you all to have a fun evening looking through the archives on the Sweet Molasses Blues youtube channel sometime!

Hell Hound Blues

I was reminded of this blog from when I used to run Sweet Molasses the other day, and I figured I’d add some more pieces that either I never got around to posting before or have happened in the last few years.

I don’t have any interviews for them, but hopefully this will make the blog a more complete resource for people looking for inspiration!

First up: Hell Hound Blues, choreographed by Devona Cartier for the 2011 Boston Blues Shout!  I remember her telling me that her idea was to portray a bunch of people hanging out for an evening in a bar.  Also, have fun watching how bad my dancing was 8 years ago!

This is just a quick post to link a great piece; for full interviews see 2016 and before.