So is the Day

This.  This is a great song.  So good I’ve even had playful arguments with other DJs over who gets to play it at a dance. The #1 thing I see about So Is The Day is that it’s a great example of artistic focus.  It’s got a clear, universal theme – hopeless longing – and every detail about it seems to support that theme, so it communicates really powerfully to an audience.

I first saw Bria Skonberg play in Solomon Douglas’ band at the Emerald City Blues Festival.  We’re lucky she lives on the East coast now!

What thoughts or feelings do you want to get across to your audience when they hear this song? What is there in the song that communicates that?

“So Is The Day” is a song about human desire, a push and pull of emotions and frustration. Playing it and hopefully dancing to it is an outlet; it goes on a journey from frailty to manic release largely communicated by the dynamics.

What music from the past did you draw from to create this song?

It’s reminiscent of Duke Ellington’s The Mooche; I specifically ask the drummer to use mallets and for arco (bowed) bass. Harmonically it is similar to Besame Mucho, a romantic bolero which translates to “kiss me a lot”

What was the technical process like to make this song happen – writing, arranging, rehearsing, live vs. studio recorded etc? Any fun stories?

This song came to me after I had been practicing for about an hour in 2010 and had hit a wall .. Finally I just picked up the plunger, turned off the light in the room and played some blues. Not blues in the technical sense as a “12 bar progression”.. but just allowing the deep things I was feeling at the time to surface. Eventually a recurring idea became the melody and I found words to fit. It’s simple but comes from a deep place so most everyone can relate.

We’re dancers. We love your music. If you were playing this song for a room full of people, how would you like to see them move to it?

It’s a very sexy song. 🙂 Actually the secret is to make it your own .. and it may not even be about a person.

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